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The benefits of buying CDs over buying mp3s online

      You can buy both new release music as well as CD’s that are out of print (used cds). There is a huge range of mp3’s on iTunes, but it is limited by record companies.
      You can rip the CD to MP3 in any bit rate you want.
      Low cost – many used CD albums are now under $5.
      If something happens to your computer, then all of your music MP3’s could be lost. However, you can just rip the CD again.

Things to consider when buying CDs online

By coming to’s CD price comparison have made the right first step in finding CDs at the best price online. Now, here are some other things to consider when using our price comparison search and in finding best price CDs online:
Big name brands or smaller music store sites?

Many shoppers these days go straight to the amazon site for a range of their shopping needs, from music to electronics equipment to clothes. This can have the advantage of simplicity, knowing that you already have an account with amazon, and for me personally I like to go to amazon to find cheap CDs, because I have never had a single problem with an order that I have made through them.

However, if you are looking for a more specialist or rare CD at a good price, then specialist music stores may be your better choice, and thats why we have included websites such as musicstack and Gemm into the price comparison. These online music marketplaces, connect international individual and record store sellers with buyers online, similar to Ebay, except just for music sellers. This has the advantage of creating a huge globalized marketplace whereby sellers have to compete with one another. You are then able to leave feedback on the seller from which you made your purchase cheap CDs online

The only drawback to these types of marketplaces is that you are completely basing your trust in a seller on their feedback status. However, I find this feedback to generally be a good basis of trust, and if you have a positive experience with a seller you can spread the word, as well as knowing that you can always make repeat purchases from this seller.

Although amazon does have its own marketplace, due to the fact that it is not music focused, you will generally find a much bigger range of vinyl records and CDs available for purchase on the music marketplaces such as Gemm and musicstack.

In terms of the other big general store sites, such as and, whether they compete with amazon, generally changes depending on the item. In other words, one particular CD may be cheaper on amazon and another cheaper on one of the other sites. Hence why we have come up with our cheap CDs price comparison tool!

Things to consider when buying on online music marketplaces

If you find that one of these online marketplaces is the best place to find your cheap CDs, then there are a few things we feel should be very important considerations:

– We already mentioned that positive feedback is key. However, one or even a handful of 100% positive results should not be trusted as much as feedback based on thousands of customers with an overall positive percentage of 98%. A seller might have managed to deal well with 5 people, but the real test of quality is being judged on a large scale.

– Take postage costs into consideration: Try not to fall foul of seeing a price of 50 cents for a CD, thinking that you have scored the ultimate bargain, only to find that you reach the check-out and the price has gone up by 7 dollars. Always check the postage costs carefully with independent sellers, as there has been a recent trend of putting the purchase price down to nothing and upping the postage cost to compensate, thus creating only the illusion of dirt cheap CDs.

– Read the description carefully – if the seller states that a CD is damaged in someway, then there will be no grounds for a refund.

– Read carefully where the seller is posting from. If the CD is coming from Europe and you are in America, then shipping is obviously going to take a while!