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The way I see it, the best/rarest/coolest/sweetest cds are hard to find and the coolest CDs are also the most expensive ones.

usedcdsearch.com helps you to search all of the main online cd stores, in one go, rather than trawling across the web. This will mean that you are much more likely to a). find the CD that you are looking for and b). get the best price for it.

You are able to directly compare prices between the stores, for the exact same CD, so you can instantly see where the best deal is.

Enter in an artist and/or a title for a CD, and you will be presented with a list of online stores that sell the CD, and for what price.

This means that the price comparison tool serves a third purpose – Valuations of CDs that you already own. It will let you know how much your CD is being sold for online.

This information is scraped live from the online stores – so you are not presented with old prices.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go CD hunting

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